How To Wear Gladiator Sandals As A Greek Goddess

The spartan sandals, also called gladiator sandals, are definitely draw fashionistas attention this season too. Inspired by roman sandals, the Spartan sandals are often associated with the bohemian look. The gladiator heels are without any doubt a must-have for a sexy day or evening look.

Thus, the trend of the 70s is still available and perfect for the summer fashion 2018. Some models have a frankly relaxed look while others – especially those with high heels – are very chic and glamorous.

Is it easy to wear the Spartan sandal? It all depends on the model chosen. Here is everything you need to know before you get a nice pair of gladiator sandals!

Height: which to choose?

There are several models and heights of spartan sandals; some of the hottest models go up to the knee! However, these are not the most flattering models for the leg, especially if you are small or have strong calves.

Gladiator sandals

Watch out for this!

Legs and feet that swell …

Be careful if your feet and legs swell: you can easily imagine the discomfort caused by thin thongs on a calf that expands during the day …!

Do not shorten the leg!

You should also pay attention to the flat-heeled sandals that go up to the ankle, because they can shorten the leg and crush the silhouette: to reserve more for the finer ankles.

For comfort …


In any case, if you care primarily for comfort, choose the soft and thin strips, which you can adjust as needed.

Flat heel or high heel?

It’s all about morphology. The slender silhouettes will prefer the high heels, while the smaller ones will opt for flat heels, to tie around the ankles.

Flat heels are all the rage this season, but if you want to lengthen and slim your silhouette, opt for a high heel or wedge. You will enjoy the best of both worlds!

And the color?

Good to know: skin tones, neutral colors and metallic optimize the possibilities of arrangement and are more flattering for the leg. If you want to shine to an evening occasion, wear a pair of gold gladiator heels to draw everyone’s attention. You will look like a modern Greek Goddess in a trendy sparkle fashion piece.

In the other hand, it’s true, black gladiator heels are more versatile and it allows you to easily match it  with any street or stylish classic outfit.

The gladiator sandals is a great option to choose. Make your own choice by picking your favorite model. Wear the gladiator sandals fashionably and  feel confident and comfortable with it. It’s all about you!

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